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How C3 Works

C3 is a catalytic compound that breaks down reactive oxygen species (ROS) and super oxides. ROS and super oxides (aka ‘Free Radicals’) are a family of compounds that are implicated in all major CNS diseases. They are major contributors to cell injury and cell death unless broken down. Healthy cells produce enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, that break down ROS and super oxides. Inadequate production of SOD by a cell can facilitate cell death.

As a catalyst, C3 neutralizes ROS and super oxides by producing highly effective synthetic enzyme-like action that aids in the decomposition of ROS and super oxides.

C3 enters the central nervous system across the blood-brain-barrier, which impedes other CNS drugs. Because C3 is catalytic and is not metabolized, it reacts on a continuous basis. What’s more, only extremely small doses of C3 are needed for effectiveness.

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