Our Compound

Overview of C3

C3 is a rationally designed buckminsterfullerene derivative of about 1 nanometer in diameter that can be used as a catalytic antioxidant and as a neuroprotective agent. It is non-toxic, water soluble and many times more powerful than the most active natural antioxidants, such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E.

C3 is not a nanoparticle. It is similar in size to other small molecule drugs with a molecular size less than 1 nanometer.

C3 has demonstrated strong preclinical results in ameliorating the effects of CNS diseases in laboratory mice, rats, piglets and non-human primates (NHP). It has been shown effective in:

  • Halting disease progress
  • Protecting neuronal components
  • Restoring motor function
  • Restoring cognition
  • Restoring memory
Nearly all of the drugs that are currently used to treat CNS diseases are either limited in effectiveness or do not work. Many have unpleasant side effects or can produce their own immune responses, which greatly limit or impair what little effectiveness they have. C3 is an ongoing therapeutic treatment designed to prevent further damage or deterioration of tissue. C3 has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of inflammation.

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